Life factors

  1. Is the universe fine-tuned for life or does life supply the fine-tuning? (Tweet published March 2, 2019)
  2. Do we need science to find the cause of life before we can know for sure what it really is?
  3. Can we gain a window into life by ascribing it to nature?
  4. Is the ‘secret of life’ eluding science simply because none of the candidate causes are ‘alive’ in the way that life is? (Tweet pub. March 11, 2019)
  5. Where does evolution take us when it has to take the existence of life as its starting-point? (Tweet pub. March 10, 2019)
  6. What makes scientists think that the undiscovered cause of life holds the key to the deeper mystery of consciousness? (Tweet pub. March 5, 2019)
  7. If intelligent life is a state of nature, what does it say about the nature of nature? (Tweet pub. March 13, 2019)
  8. Given the gaping gap in explanation, it might just be possible that the mystery of life is deeper than the laws of nature as we know them, that the evidence indicates something pivotal at the heart of nature – to the point that intelligent life enables nature to behave differently. Consequently, the physical processes that enable intelligent life now yield uncharacteristic patterns of behaviour because they have become integral to a new kind of nature – in being able to sit up and think about what they are about.
  9. In what realm of possibility do we rank as overseers of the possibility or impossibility of things?
  10. What organisational principle will explain the existence of consciousness no matter that even a disorganised consciousness can still be conscious?
  11. Could the new evolutionary evidence for species ‘fuzzyness’ and inter-breeding indicate something very basic about the theory of evolution – that it might never catch up to the facts?
  12. Can the origin of consciousness be attributed to its evolution when the origin of life cannot? (Tweet pub. March 15, 2019)
  13. If thinking is a physical effect of physical causes, is it a power that has been ‘held in trust’ for us by the laws of physics? (Tweet pub. March 18, 2019)
  14. Do the things that life can’t do without show us very much about what life can do?
  15. If conscious intentional action is a part of a physical universe, what else might be ready to evolve from the stardust? (Tweet pub. March 16, 2019)
  16. Do we actually get to know what our thoughts are really like by observing them as brain processes?
  17. How do the brain’s operations manage to convince us that there is really no additional ‘us’ to be convinced?
  18. Is the fact of life any less mysterious in terms of its known effects than its unknown causes?
  19. Might we get to know life better by finding its cause – where it comes from – or by observing its diverging properties as an effect – where it leads?
  20. What if biology gains rather than gives life? (Tweet pub. March 12, 2019)

Mike Laidler



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