– causing to be caused.

The beginning of beginnings

Power to change

– cosmic licence:

form to function

function to purpose

purpose with intent.

Choice in action

– the impersonal personalised:

evolved self-interests

derived beliefs

competing doubts.

Nature nurtured

– noble reach

to higher initiatives.


Mike Laidler




Panoply of intelligence

Crucible of consciousness

‘Tree of knowledge’

– earthly root

cosmic canopy

– nature with intent.

Bastion of beliefs

Portal of potentials


realms of realisation

– from dust

to deliberation.


Mike Laidler




Gift of being

Presence of purpose

Tree of transformations

– from physics to phenomena

motion to motivation.

Denizen of diversity

– the Eden of evolution

towards meaning as a need.

Mike Laidler



Power in ascendance

Resonance of possibility

Bounds beyond bounds

Laws above laws

More than us

yet less apart.


‘out there’

something astounding

waiting to be known

– of ‘what is’

and ‘what for’.

Mike Laidler