Idea of nature

Ideal of proof

Culture of causality

– beginnings without meaning

eventualities without purpose

prognosis of entropy.

Objective understanding

– rationale of reductionism

evidence as explanation

confirmation by default.

Quantifier of the unseen

Diviner of the unknown

Premise of truth

Promise of control.

Mike Laidler


‘To be or not to be’

Cause AND effect


– the shaping of change.

The potential for necessities to come

The possibility of alternatives


– parts to the whole.

The how

that posits an explanation.

The why

that asks.

Mike Laidler




Fine differences

making a difference.

Mother of causality

– of open possibilities.

Unfathomable ‘explanation’

of nature’s resourcefulness.

Certainty of uncertainty

and all it entails.

Mike Laidler





– causing to be caused.

The beginning of beginnings

Power to change

– cosmic licence:

form to function

function to purpose

purpose with intent.

Choice in action

– the impersonal personalised:

evolved self-interests

derived beliefs

competing doubts.

Nature nurtured

– noble reach

to higher initiatives.


Mike Laidler