Panoply of intelligence

Crucible of consciousness

‘Tree of knowledge’

– earthly root

cosmic canopy

– nature with intent.

Bastion of beliefs

Portal of potentials


realms of realisation

– from dust

to deliberation.


Mike Laidler




Gift of being

Presence of purpose

Tree of transformations

– from physics to phenomena

motion to motivation.

Denizen of diversity

– the Eden of evolution

towards meaning as a need.

Mike Laidler



What is ‘the inanimate’

– a vague comparison

with what we know of life?

Yet isn’t everything animate

from chaos to concern

– defining existence

as ‘being in existence’ –

the direction for there to be order

the consolidations of form

the purpose in ‘being alive’

the meaning in awareness

the moral in thought

the thrust of emotion

the urge to know

– manifestations

of the power to be

into realities



Mike Laidler



Universals and particulars

What is existence?

Can we capture it in a word?

An ever-flowing presence

replete in its transformations,

particular to everything?


But where is this everything?

Is it more than our universe

– too big to be seen at once

spanning all pasts and futures,

the seeming we cannot see without?


Mike Laidler

Meaning’s meanderings

What a wonder of nature is the human kind

What a form of being

How broad in outlook

Though how abject in insight

Yet we deign to take the measure of it all

by the yardstick of our understanding

And explain it – within the limits we bestow

on knowledge set to language.

Mike Laidler