Migrant’s Law

What is the cause of the European migration crisis?  Is it the illegal trafficking or the subjugation of people’s lives to the vagaries of warfare, political instability and economic imbalance?  


What is the basis of this wider problem, which afflicts the powerless and shames the powerful?  Can the law tell us what to do or should our humane judgment be allowed to prevail?  The migrants keep telling us that they are human beings – then to what justice are these people entitled?  


Is our system of justice the best in the world if it operates exclusively for us?  Can there be a larger framework of justice in which justice is not subject to who counts as ‘us’ or ‘them’?  Or will the economic ‘laws’ provide the final answer by reassuring us that ‘we’ happen to need an influx of more people to sustain ‘our’ economic growth?


Mike Laidler   


The Sound of Silence

Science is a reality proceeding to its completeness through the realisation of possibilities and the discovery of what is there. A prerequisite for this exercise is the capacity for knowing which the knower uniquely brings to the facts under study in a reality now extended by a new and different kind of realisation – one that takes place in the mind.

This process of completion began long before we invented science. Hearing a sound extends the reality from its physical state into a co-existing mental state. It is futile to argue whether the one or the other is the more real, they both add up a new reality – a reality that has already changed with the advent of its perception. We now know that we occupy both versions of this new reality – knowing that the physical waveform of sound is not everything to know, that perception brings sound to life and without that living perception the ‘sound’ remains in the silence of its physical state. Meanwhile the forests may fall and the mountains crumble without the full reality of sound having made its appearance.

Scientists know that the reality of knowledge is incomplete without an objective basis, yet tend to overlook the fact that the objective basis is incomplete within a wider reality that is known to obtain – that the world is incomplete in the oblivion of its physical completeness without the presence of a knowing realisation to change what happens next.

Mike Laidler