Migrant’s Law

What is the cause of the European migration crisis?  Is it the illegal trafficking or the subjugation of people’s lives to the vagaries of warfare, political instability and economic imbalance?  


What is the basis of this wider problem, which afflicts the powerless and shames the powerful?  Can the law tell us what to do or should our humane judgment be allowed to prevail?  The migrants keep telling us that they are human beings – then to what justice are these people entitled?  


Is our system of justice the best in the world if it operates exclusively for us?  Can there be a larger framework of justice in which justice is not subject to who counts as ‘us’ or ‘them’?  Or will the economic ‘laws’ provide the final answer by reassuring us that ‘we’ happen to need an influx of more people to sustain ‘our’ economic growth?


Mike Laidler   


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