Could Artificial Intelligence supersede us and spell the end of the human race?

Perhaps it is possible for ‘full AI’ to supersede humanity, as suggested by Professor Stephen Hawking. However, the reason might not be as we expect – not because it has something more than we have but because it is different and able to succeed with less..

Perhaps it is the difference that makes the difference. Our biological intelligence is tainted with aggressive tribal traits of rivalry, dominance and superiority. We are beset with wars, conflicts and injustices of our making that we cannot eradicate with agreed moral codes.   Our perceived strengths of leadership, competition and supremacy could prove to be our Achilles’ heel which runs us into the ground by diverting attention from the reality we need to attend to in order to save ourselves – and makes way for artificial communication systems that are able to operate in consort without a need for improvised rights, duties and laws.

Then, in some distantly future world populated only by intelligent machines, might they be left to wonder how their components happened to come together in an act of creation?

 © Mike Laidler 2014

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