You can learn about wisdom by studying the wisdom of others but you can learn wisdom only by studying yourself.
Wisdom knows the limits of knowledge in knowing that it depends upon the nature of knower as much as the facts known.
Wisdom is a paradox to itself, knowing the one thing we may be sure about is that all we know remains dwarfed by the magnitude of the unknown, which, by definition, we do not know. Meanwhile all the confidence and certainty in the known merely serves to divert our attention from the great unknowns upon which the entirety of knowledge is built and continues to grow.
Wisdom gives to knowledge doubt, knowledge gives to wisdom the cause to doubt.

Mike Laidler

Climbing Montaigne

What do we know? Just posing the question is suggestive of something remarkable – of looking to the unknown behind the known with an implicit wisdom that transcends the explicit knowing, with a doubt that makes a mockery of not doubting.

But the moment we stop doubting we stagnate – for ignorance is born of what we think we know, and no certainty is as certain as the desire for the truth to be ours.

And science has found that we can carry on indefinitely, gathering mountains of evidence in support of our pet theories, and still be wrong.

© Mike Laidler 2015